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Aaron Miller

One of our earliest Team members. NC outdoorsmen  

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Jennifer Kitchen

The Huntress Jenn! One Badass Woman. Hunts, Fishes, Over All Lover Of The Outdoors, And Looks Great doing Her Thing!


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Kevin Hawkins

Owner and Creator of Kaku Kayaks

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Brian Sherman

Kayak Charter Captain In Venice Louisiana! Brian only Puts his Customers On Kakus 


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Will Nieman

Doesn't Care if it is Freeshwater Or Saltwater as long as he can get out paddling everyday


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Rob Winans

Avid freshwater and saltwater angler!

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Preston Haytac

Preston Has Been With Kaku Since The Beginning. Demoed one of our first models and has been Kaku Ever since. "One of my favorite Fishing Buddies" Kevin H


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Jacinda Rose

Jacinda Wahoo Owner, The Red Fish Queen, And The Customer Service Manager At Kaku. 


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