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Xtreme Stability, and Versatility

"It will change the way you think about SUP fishing"

The most advanced and stable paddle crafts on the market. Stay comfortable all day on the water with our patented chair, offering several positions for paddling and sight casting. Built in gear tracks and multiple micro Powerpole mounts make upgrading seemless. Weight capacities reaching over 500lbs means you can finally take ALL your gear with you, and maybe even your dog and girlfriend too!

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Kaku Zulu

Storm Camo with pedal drive!

Every Angler’s dream paddlecraft!

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Unique Designs - Unique Performance

All Water Design

Our Wahoo Models Are Designed To Handle All Types of Water. The Aggressive Bow is Designed To Confidently Cruise Over Chop And Boat Wake With Ease 

Extreme Stability

The Voodoo Hull Was Designed For Extreme Stability To Handle Sitting Higher, And Standing on It's unique  Chair, 


The Key To Being Comfortable For Hours Of Paddle Craft Fishing Is Being Able To Change Positions.